Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tous les Jours

    I recently tasted the '09 Syrah from Andrew Murray Vineyards, and for the price, it was excellent! Aptly named "Tous les Jours," it really is an everyday drinker.  Notes of moderate French oak aging- tar, bacon, and mild green tones. Flashy yet not fleshy, displaying its licorice and red/blue fruits with a subtle, fragrant twist, this wine also has a great balance of acidity and low alcohol. I haven't had other wines from this producer but am eager to try! 

Here is a quote from their website about their winemaking style: 

    "We genuinely believe that great wine starts at the root of the vine, at the very point where the eventual fruit derives its sustenance. Vineyard selection is therefore of paramount importance in our winemaking process. We want grapes that had to work hard to make it to maturity and that are carefully harvested at just the optimal point in their maturation.
    We’ve been around long enough to not be swayed by fads in an industry that is frequently seduced by the current vogue. We’re open-minded enough, however, to utilize technological advancements to ensure that the wine we first poured into our bottles, tastes exactly the way we predicted it would taste when you pour it into your glass in your own home. Our winery is a blend of the old and new; the classic and the modern; beautiful French oak barrels and glimmering stainless steel tanks; traditional Burgundian shaped bottles and reliable screwtop closures.
    We’re passionate about winemaking, dedicated to the evolution of our techniques, and wise enough to stay the course to produce consistently highly-regarded wines."


  1. They had me at root of the vine. But screwtop closures?

  2. Honestly, I've been a die-hard cork supporter for years. There are, however, significant reasons why one might choose to seal a wine with screw caps- the most important of which is consistency. When brand marketing a wine, the last thing a winemaker wants is one bottle to smell tainted and the next musty while the others are perfect. I do think cork is better for aging, but, for an every day wine, screw cap is just fine. It give one the peace of mind that every bottle will taste exactly as planned.